Wide Area Networks WAN 300x300 - Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Voice, data and internet services are foundational. If your network services are not efficiently and effectively connecting employees and supporting business needs, the signs are obvious. But the path to improvement is seldom clear with investment accountability on the line. ATC mitigates risks and facilitates sound decisions by exploring three critical questions:

  • What do you have today?
  • What do you need?
  • How do you want to grow?

We employ decades of experience designing and implementing telecom networks to customize a solution that maximizes existing assets, meets business and budgetary needs, and advances goals.

Our consultants leverage strategic relationships with over 100 best-in-class service providers to objectively identify the right voice/data/internet technologies and network services for your company, whether it be a single corporate location with remote workers or over 1,800 single sites dispersed across the U.S.

Hybrid Networking

Not all networks services are created equal, and not all fit quite the same. Many organizations are exploring the possibilities of Hybrid Networking to “right size” their services, depending on bandwidth requirements, security needs, usage types and cloud adoption. A hybrid network is any network that uses more than one type of connecting technology. It could be varied combinations of data services, circuits, and voice services (such as Internet, cable, MPLS, IP VPN, and SIP).

The main advantages of a hybrid network are cost-savings, accessibility, and disaster recovery capabilities. Hybrid networking is a balancing act between the need for a fast, accessible network and the need for data security. There are, however, many considerations that must to be taken into account. Critical applications must be prioritized, supported appropriately, and secure. Visibility into the network is critical in order to locate and identify problems should they occur. The network must also be scalable. ATC can help you identify the right combination of services to build the proper network infrastructure to support your organization.