RFP Administration 200x300 - RFP Administration

A competitive environment results in much more aggressive telecom pricing. You may not switch vendors but you do need to be willing to explore and understand the competitive landscape. Administering an RFP process is time consuming and difficult. It’s not like you conduct an RFP for telecom services or a phone system everyday. But, we do!

No Apples to Apples

Carrier services and terminologies are not equal, nor are they apples-to-apples. In addition, you don’t know what you don’t know. Let ATC assist in making sure you are building the proper requirements and functionalities into your RFP so that you receive responses that appropriately address your needs. ATC can also build out decision criteria to formalize the selection process and give you a roadmap to informed, objective decision making. Decision makers find comfort knowing they have an telecom expert at their side making sure no stone is left unturned.

Soup to Nuts

ATC can manage the entire process starting with the build of the RFP, review of the responses, set up of the demos, communication with the vendors, and implementation of the selected solution. We have saved clients millions by conducting a formal RFP process. Vendors are savvy and detect an informal process that is intended only to drive down pricing. Unfortunately, this approach does not accomplish the intended goal, and more importantly, it never right sizes the proper solution for your needs. ATC’s approach delivers best-in-class proposals. Need help?