Consulting Services - IT and Telecom Consulting

Advanced telecommunications drive productivity and profitability. These gains don’t come just from deploying the latest technologies/products/services, but from implementing the right solution for your business.

At most companies, years pass between telecom projects. Our consultants bring your team up-to-date on innovations and related infrastructure requirements to finalize scope, budget and solution criteria.

Banner2 112x300 - IT and Telecom ConsultingAdhering to established guidelines, we work with strategic partners to assess market options, pinpoint technologies and services, equipment vendors, and the carriers best-suited to meet your needs. These are presented in a comprehensive proposal of multiple customized solutions.

ATC’s innovative practice and suite of services help leading organizations—from the enterprise to the SMB—create business value from IT, cloud and telecom.

As an independent telecom agency and consulting firm, ATC removes the business complexities of researching, comparing, procuring, implementing and managing telecommunications and cloud systems. ATC’s team of Certified Telecom Professionals (CTP) leverage an extensive network of technology carriers, while providing telecom and cloud-specific technical expertise.

Over the last five years there has been a transformational convergence of IT and telecom. ATC has been at the forefront of this convergence, assisting clients with VoIP, cloud migration, voice and data networks, unified communications, bandwidth, business continuity and back up.