T1s and Bonded Internet 300x199 - T1’s and Bonded InternetT1’s used to be considered fast. Relatively speaking that is no longer the case, of course. Still, business bandwidth demands in certain areas are increasing faster than fiber is being trenched. That doesn’t mean you are stuck with a basic 1.54 Mbps of service when you really need 10 or 12 Mbps. T1’s can be bonded (NXT1) for service up to 12 Mbps. (DS3’s—sometimes referred to as a T3—are also an option offering speeds up to 45 Mbps.)

T1 lines usually come into your facility in the same bundle of installed telephone wire that brings in multi-line telephone service. Because it is ordinary telco wire, just about every business location in the country is already wired for service and enabled for T1 connectivity. It’s for this reason that T1’s, or bonded T1’s, may be a plausible dedicated solution for your business at this time.