Unified communications are a source of strategic differentiation among enterprise companies. Productivity gains, improved collaboration, seamless multi-channel customer service, and simplified network management are among the benefits that result from aligning people, processes and technologies.

Organizations that are still struggling to manage costs and complexities with legacy telecom systems and networks understand the urgent need to converge voice, data and video communications. Implementing VoIP is a logical starting point.

VoIP: Preparing for an All-IP Future
The rapid emergence of cloud-based software/platform/infrastructure services is accelerating the shift to all-IP-based communications. VoIP prepares your company for the inevitable, by transferring voice communications from legacy TDM networks onto your data network.

For enterprises, VoIP is a flexible, scalable solution that can be implemented within a broad range of network infrastructures—as an on-premise, hosted/cloud-based or hybrid solution. It provides a framework for advanced IP Telephony features, such as:

  • Find-Me/Follow-Me for seamless call jumping
  • Unified messaging
  • Automated attendants
  • Call routing
  • Peer-to-peer audio/video conferencing
  • Remote call management
  • Presence management
  • Call recording
  • Wireless/hot spot connectivity
  • Integrated call center applications/software
  • Public/private instant messaging

VoIP solutions—capable of converting all voice communications to emails or data—allow employees the portability to be productive and responsive on-the-fly with 24/7 access to connect anytime, anywhere.  They also provide for multi-location enterprises to avoid traditional telecom charges for lines and long distance calling between locations.

VoIP greatly simplifies telecom management, upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting, while providing flexibility and scalability to accommodate change and growth:

  • With VoIP, there are typically fewer devices to manage
  • Web-based administration easily lets you manage the system from anywhere, anytime
  • Adding additional users/lines or performing Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) is quick and simple
  • Hosted/Cloud-based VoIP solutions include licensing, installation, updates, guarantees of uptime, etc.
  • Interoperability enables integration with other systems (to segue to unified voice/data/video communications) and computer telephony applications (computer-based fax, IVR, screen pops, etc.)
  • Hosted solutions deliver high-level security, redundancies, disaster planning and business continuity capabilities

Providing tighter integration with a backend infrastructure, VoIP paves the way for converged communications that support business growth by:

  • Connecting locations/employees/partners to simplify business processes, enhance collaboration and improve productivity
  • Leveraging the existing data network infrastructure (MPLS, Fiber, Ethernet, Private Line, SIP)
  • Enabling highly responsive, loyalty-building customer interactions
  • Freeing-up IT resources to focus on high-impact activities
  • Increasing agility to respond to changing market conditions
  • Reducing capital and operational telecom spend

ATC Facilitates the Transition to VoIP
At ATC, we specialize in customizing VoIP solutions. Utilizing a strategic network of VoIP equipment vendors and service providers, we work with your team to:

  • Determine enterprise needs and business goals
  • Assess existing network infrastructure
  • Leverage telecom assets
  • Design an optimal VoIP solution (premise-based, hosted/cloud-based or hybrid)
  • Identify enterprise service providers/equipment vendors best-suited for your needs
  • Ensure proper bandwidth provisioning, call routing configuration and QoS
  • Negotiate the best pricing and contract terms
  • Develop a migration plan to converge/unify enterprise communications
  • Implement processes to ensure greater business continuity

From initial assessment to post-implementation support, we provide the objective insight and expertise you need to transform your daily operations by making the move to VoIP.