It’s no secret. Customers expect great service. When an experience fails to measure-up, social networks and online review sites offer an instant platform for venting.

SMB’s are especially vulnerable to negative word of mouth. In today’s competitive climate, if you’re not leveraging telecommunications to deliver responsive front-line service, then you’re dealing with inefficiencies that impact it.

With a VoIP phone system, you gain easy and affordable access to enterprise-level capabilities that strengthen internal and external communications, improve daily operations and boost your brand.

The VoIP Difference
A VoIP system can transfer voice communications over the same broadband network or Internet connection used for data. It enables calling capabilities from a desktop, VoIP phone, or traditional landline using an adapter. Whether deployed as an on-premise, hosted/cloud-based or hybrid solution, a feature-rich VoIP system creates business value:

Cost-savings free-up budget for core business initiatives.
Simply stated, with VoIP you get more for less. Telecom expense savings are derived from:

  • Multiple locations utilize a single VoIP system through a LAN or WAN connection – services are delivered through a single provider
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling plans are available within the U.S., flat rates for international
  • PC-to-PC calling—anywhere in the world—at no charge
  • Reduced cabling requirements
  • Built-in features (caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, etc.) available at no charge
  • Minimal up-front costs (with hosted/cloud-based VoIP)

Portability increases efficiency, productivity and responsiveness.
There’s no latitude for lag time in a world that operates in real-time. VoIP gives SMB owners and employees the flexibility and portability to connect with customers – and each other – on the fly:

  • Users can make/receive phone calls anywhere through an Internet connection
  • Find Me/Follow Me provides mobile integration with VoIP systems for seamless call jumping
  • Simultaneous Ring prompts multiple phones to ring at once (desk, mobile, home)
  • Meet Me Conferencing for VoIP simplifies communication and collaboration
  • Presence management allows users to quickly identify availability/status of other users
  • Wireless VoIP service enables you to connect to public hot spots
  • Advanced features like forwarding voicemail to email, converting voice messages to data files, and contact management add convenience and flexibility

Scalability and ease of maintenance/administration accommodate changing needs.
No business wants to be burdened with costly and complex processes. VoIP simplifies telecom management, while providing flexibility and scalability to accommodate change and growth:

  • With fewer devices to manage, VoIP simplifies upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Adding additional users/lines is quick and simple
  • Hosted/Cloud-based VoIP solutions include licensing, installation, updates, guarantees of uptime, etc. in addition to reducing Moves/Adds/Changes (MAC) costs
  • Web-based administration easily lets you manage the system from anywhere, at any time
  • Interoperability enables integration with other systems (to segue to unified voice/data/video communications) and computer telephony applications (computer-based fax, IVR, screen pops, etc.)
  • Hosted solutions deliver enterprise-level security, redundancies, disaster planning and business continuity

“Big business” presence enhances your brand and customer experience quality.
Leveraging enterprise-class features and capabilities, an SMB can seem considerably larger to customers:

  • Establish a presence anywhere in the world with virtual local/toll free/international numbers
  • Connect offices and virtual workers through a single system, and potentially one area code, projecting a larger company image
  • Use an automated attendant to greet customers in a consistent, professional manner – customize greetings for business hours, after hours, holidays, etc.
  • Incoming call management enables you to route/forward/screen/park calls
  • Calls can be queued and distributed based on established criteria and/or skill-sets
  • Existing phone numbers remain in-tact regardless of location/operating changes

ATC Facilitates the Transition to VoIP
At ATC, we specialize in customizing VoIP solutions. Leveraging a strategic network of VoIP equipment vendors and service providers, we work with your team to determine:

  • Business needs and goals
  • Existing network capacity and future bandwidth needs
  • Optimal VoIP deployment model (premise-based, hosted/cloud-based or hybrid)
  • Call flow
  • Equipment vendors and/or service providers best-suited to meet your needs
  • Ideal finance options (rent, purchase, lease) and contract terms (duration and conditions)
  • Strategic migration plan to minimize disruptions and fulfill current contractual obligations
  • Best approach for training on VoIP features, administration and troubleshooting

From initial assessment to post-implementation support, we provide the objective insight and expertise you need to transform your daily operations by making the move to VoIP.


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