VoIP Business Phone Systems 300x200 - VoIP Phone SystemsImplementing a VoIP phone system for your business increases efficiency, productivity and cost savings—not to mention the strategic gains. The business case is compelling for enterprises and SMBs, alike.

These days, the VoIP question isn’t so much why, but how. Concerns over infrastructure requirements and upgrade costs, uncertainty about the pros/cons of hosted solutions, and finding in-house resources to manage the transition are among the issues that perpetuate inaction. At what cost to the business?

Whether it’s to support unified communications, enhance front-line stature, or something in-between; ATC facilitates the move to VoIP. In fact, ATC has deployed and currently has over 15,000 active VoIP “seats” in the marketplace.

Choosing the Right VoIP Solution
We know the pros and cons of on-premise/hosted/hybrid VoIP solutions—inside and out. To determine which one is right for your company, we conduct a thorough assessment to:

  • Understand business needs, strategic objectives, budget constraints and time frames
  • Evaluate your current infrastructure
  • Determine bandwidth and structured cabling requirements
  • Establish VoIP solution criteria

Tapping into our strategic network of vendors and service providers, we objectively build on-premise, hosted, and/or hybrid scenarios into a comprehensive solutions proposal, which includes 5-year and 10-year cost projections. We conduct an extensive review session with your team, explaining how and why we arrived at the recommendations to help you select the optimal VoIP solution.

Minimizing Complexities
The movement from a traditional or PBX/TDM-based phone system to an IP-based system can be complicated, particularly when upgrading networks and/or integrating locations and applications. We simplify the transition.

From designing infrastructure to customizing the end-user experience to securing the best possible contract rates, our consultants have the know-how to handle every aspect of your project. We create added client value by:

  • Leveraging existing telecom assets whenever possible
  • Managing data network upgrades and structured cabling
  • Tailoring VoIP services, features, tools and functionality to your needs
  • Identifying strategic applications to maximize solution benefits
  • Establishing a foundation for unified communications and/or cloud technologies
  • Ensuring specifications are met for:  configuration, call flow, QoS, security, redundancy and storage
  • Facilitating a seamless migration to, and a rapid adoption of, VoIP

Outdated telecommunications take a toll on your business.  Network inefficiencies and disconnected employees weaken daily operations, putting customer relationships at risk.

Expedite the move to VoIP with ATC.
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