Structured Cabling 300x200 - Structured CablingRegardless of whether you’re establishing, moving or upgrading your network infrastructure, ATC simplifies the complexities surrounding structured cabling decisions and installations. Our knowledge of current products, transmission speeds, codes, standards, and limitations ensures your network will meet demands for capacity and reliability.

Cabling is a significant investment that requires an in-depth examination of:

  • Current bandwidth and port requirements, including the number of workstations/drops, types of ports, and the type and volume of traffic
  • Future bandwidth needs, including business growth plans, new products and service launches, and workforce expansion
  • Network environment to determine if factors like dirt and dust, radio frequency or electromagnetic interference will limit cabling options
  • Construction to determine ease-of-access and HVAC concerns
  • Budget considerations to ensure that over- or under-investing does not have serious ramifications down the road

We conduct an assessment of your current infrastructure and physical site analysis to weigh your options against project objectives and business goals. Our solution design proposes the ideal type of cabling and installer for your organization.

Throughout the process, our consultants handle ordering, communications, scheduling and other needs to ensure timely installation, minimal disruptions and exceptional service quality.

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