Contract Negotiations 300x199 - Contract Renegotiations

Think you’re getting the best services and rates? Think again. 

We see it all the time. Six months before a contract ends, if the carrier is on top of their game, they will reach out with a renewal offer. The customer jumps at the renewal, which on the surface appears attractive. Or, instead the customer maintains the status quo and continues month to month.

The problem? The renewal offer is likely not the best deal. And, most certainly, continuing under the existing agreement, albeit month to month, is not the answer.

Although the standard contract term is three years, telecom pricing has historically decreased annually. In opting for an effortless renewal, a company can end up saddled with unfavorable market rates. In addition, the industry is advancing at an unprecedented pace, meaning new robust features, enhanced functionalities, and more connectivity options are rolled out regularly.

With decades of experience reviewing and negotiating hundreds of contracts annually, ATC delivers the best possible rates, conditions and contract clauses available in the marketplace.

“ATC renegotiated our local, long distance and data contracts. Even though our rates were highly competitive and we ended up staying with our incumbent providers, we have experienced an 11% annual savings since we started working with ATC in 2011.”

W. PATRICK STULL, Chief Operating Officer, Mike Albert Fleet Solutions

Are you about to sign a new vendor contract?
Renegotiating a newly signed contract is an uphill battle. While you are still in a favorable position, let ATC take a “last look” at no charge.

Within 48 hours, we can benchmark proposed rates, terms and conditions against current market standards. It’s a risk-free approach to reducing telecom spend.

Have you considered alternative technologies and service providers?

Let ATC have a look at your current solution and provider services. Sometimes alternative solutions, such as SIP for POTS or MPLS for VPN, provide greater quality and can still be cost effective. Often, ATC can leverage it’s vast vendor portfolio to uncover better pricing from alternative providers and also ensure the highest available service levels. Not many service providers do everything well, but most have a sweet spot—depending on the solution and geographic location—that will make them the best fit. Now let ATC get you the most favorable deal for that solution.

Are you at mid-term in your contract?
It’s frustrating. You find out a company similar to yours is paying lower rates. You want the same rates, but you’re at mid-term. ATC can help even if your current carrier says they can’t offer better rates.

You don’t have to “wait out your contract” to negotiate better pricing. ATC has the expertise and strategic relationships to get it for you now. With insight not readily available to in-house teams, we’ve saved companies with two or more years left on their contract in excess of 20 percent—at no risk to the original terms and conditions.

Let ATC tailor an agreement in alignment with your needs at the best rates. Get started today.