Advanced telecommunications drive productivity and profitability. These gains don’t just come from deploying the latest technologies/products/services, but from implementing the right solution for your business.

At most companies, years—even decades—pass between telecom projects. Our consultants bring your team up-to-speed on innovations and related infrastructure requirements to finalize scope, budget and solution criteria.

Adhering to established guidelines, we work with strategic partners and assess market options to pinpoint technologies, services, equipment vendors, and carriers best-suited to meet your needs. These are presented in a comprehensive proposal of multiple customized solutions. It contains all pertinent information for decision-makers, including:

  • Non-recurring charges: equipment, switches, routers, cabling, circuits, etc.
  • Monthly recurring charges: local, long distance, wireless, data, internet, etc.
  • Carrier options, pricing and terms
  • Breakdown of costs by location
  • Itemization of phone system vendors, equipment, installation, access/site licensing costs
  • Projection of monthly and annual savings

Our approach simplifies the complex selection process and mitigates investment risks. We facilitate progress by providing the answers and information you need, when you need it. Once you reach consensus on a solution, we transition your team to the next phase – Implementation.

Are you ready to advance?