MPLS 300x284 - Converged Voice and DataVoice and data services are business necessities. And, not only do they need to perform reliably, they also need to work together. ATC can cost-effectively determine the right solution for your business to deliver your voice and data services on a single, fully-managed platform that makes your network an efficient, business facilitator.

Combine voice, Internet and MPLS/IP-VPN to simplify and secure your network management. Starting at a single T-1 and scaling up to gigabit Ethernet, converged services offer flexible connections for both single and multi-location enterprises. Usually, no expensive hardware, configuration, maintenance or management are required.


MPLS is the fastest growing telecom service in the country. It allows companies to replace their existing legacy services with a more reliable, secure and faster service. Organizations can connect multiple locations and networks together worldwide with up to 10 layers of class of service for voice, video and data.