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Working with dozens of carriers and thousands of customer locations, ATC can take care of your voice needs large or small. From simple POTS lines to a PRI, SIP trunking, or hosted VoIP, let our experts work with you to find the solutions that meet your needs at the best possible price.

Voice services comprise the most common telecommunications service offerings. They encompass all service offerings that provide dial tone and call completion. These services can be delivered over copper, fiber, coaxial cable or even wireless transport medium. They handle local, long distance, international & toll free call types. ATC can discuss all of your voice service options with multiple carriers. We will also explore what products best fit your needs today as well as in the future.

Local: POTS, Centrex, ISDN PRI & VoIP

Long Distance, Toll Free & Calling Cards: Dedicated, Switched, Intralata, Intrastate, Interstate and International.

Conference Calling / Web Conferencing: Reservationless, Toll Free, Moderator Controlled, Presentation and Desktop Sharing.