Satellite1 300x136 - Satellite and WirelessSatellite and wireless networks offer scalable connectivity services to meet the varying needs of businesses. A perfect fit for rural, hard-to-reach locations where fiber build out is too expensive and unjustified. Often these connectivity options exist in areas other providers cannot reach. Reliable connectivity is at the core of what today’s businesses need to carry out their day-to-day operations, that’s why satellite and wireless services also provide great alternatives for back-up connectivity.

Either as back up or as the infrastructure necessary to support the largest organization, these services can deliver a custom solution for your business, while allowing you to easily upgrade your service… sometimes as simple as placing a phone call.

For organizations with multiple offices, these services can also offer the opportunity to interconnect remote locations under a single provider through an MPLS network. Having a secure, direct connection between offices has a number of advantages wrapped around security, shared resources, direct connectivity, disaster recovery and Quality of Service (QoS).