Connectivity is King 300x200 - Networking

Networking solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and ATC can help you with them all. From smaller broadband (DSL, Cable, 4G Wireless) to Gigabit Ethernet over Fiber, we have the expertise to help. Once deployed, we’ll monitor your circuits and proactively work any outages.

Connectivity is King

IP-based solutions and cloud technologies have spawned a motherland of connectivity-dependent businesses starving for more secure, reliable bandwidth. This proliferation of bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud, coupled with big data and the Internet of Things, means exponentially more data traffic for businesses.

Many businesses are increasingly converting to fiber-optic connections, which offer increased bandwidth, speed and performance. What was once a luxury and very expensive has become a necessity and a cost-effective reality, given the expanded build-out in many metropolitan cities. Choosing to modernize your network infrastructure with fiber will bring benefits such as improved reliability, faster connection speeds, and improved functionality, giving you greater access to cloud-based applications and services.