Managed Cloud 300x199 - Managed Cloud (IaaS)Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) leverages significant technology, services, and data center investments to deliver IT as a service at a fraction of the cost, including high scalability and security. Picture managed cloud computing as a highly reliable computer room full of network equipment, servers, disk storage, software and connectivity, all ready to use for a monthly fee. You can also increase your IT productivity and efficiency with managed services for establishing, operating, and monitoring the day-to-day operations of your communication systems, services and business support systems.

Small and mid-market companies, and even enterprises, may prefer this model because it does not require as much internal IT expertise to operate. IT resources can therefore be more solely dedicated to their end users and customer experience. Data storage is also essential, and through the use of cloud-based or web-based applications, cloud providers are able to manage your programs more cost effectively than traditional data storage. Startup costs can be low, and the barriers to entry are usually minimal.