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In growing numbers—from enterprises to small businesses—companies are re-thinking their IT and telecommunications strategies to gain a competitive edge. For many, maintaining and administering an on-premise solution no longer makes sense in a business climate that demands agility.

The cloud phenomenon is all about aligning people, processes and technology to easily and cost-effectively accomplish more for less. Cloud-based services are rapidly deployed and easily customized, providing flexibility, scalability and advanced capabilities—on demand. You can compete on a whole new level by:

  • Unifying communications, increasing mobility and leveraging advanced IP telephony
  • Connecting remote/home-based workers and locations on a single, private network
  • Reducing capital outlay, while reducing operating expenses and investment risks
  • Enhancing the multi-channel customer experience to operate as a customer-centric company
  • Focusing IT and other key resources on high-value activities
  • Improving enterprise collaboration to support innovation
  • Accelerating time-to-market and strengthening promotional efforts
  • Responding to market changes/opportunities and business needs with agility

Cloud-based services give companies of all sizes greater control over their telecom services and spend. You maintain transparency without the hassles of managing security, redundancy, storage, updates, upgrades, moves/adds/changes, and other requirements that come with on-premise solutions.

How do I determine if I’m the right fit for the Cloud?

Rather than ponder this question, review your organization’s goals, objectives, and ambitions, and determine what you need from your data infrastructure if you’re going to make them a reality. Then look at where making better use of your existing IT investments can help, and where you need new solutions. Done thoroughly and objectively, this process will reveal something much better than whether the Cloud is right for you. You’ll know where the Cloud is right for you, what kind of Cloud is right for you, and why the Cloud is right for you.

If you need help with this process, you’ve come to the right place. Let ATC work with you to:

  • Understand your business goals
  • Map your current data architecture
  • Identify the best path forward for your organization

If you’re still managing IT software and hardware in-house, then you’re likely contending with escalating costs, routine firmware/software updates, legacy-driven complexities and infrastructure limitations. If you want to get away from dealing with these issues, ATC can help evaluate cloud technologies for your business.