The transition from selecting a solution to benefitting from it is a big step—especially for companies replacing cabling and/or integrating VoIP telecommunications across multiple locations and functions.

ATC consultants have seamlessly managed hundreds of implementations, ranging in scope from phone system installations to unified enterprise communications. We minimize disruptions and delays, following best practices to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Through close relationships with vendors, contractors and service providers, we maintain open and effective communications. Our consultants are highly responsive task masters who manage project details with precision.  This includes:

  • Ordering all equipment, supplies and services
  • Planning the flow of  implementation stages
  • Scheduling installation work among vendors/service providers/sites/locations
  • Renegotiating contracts/rates
  • Obtaining permits when needed
  • Managing cutover and testing for quality/functionality/security/redundancy
  • Coordinating or executing employee training

Once you’re up and running, we settle into the role of a long-term strategic partner. Our clients come to rely on our responsiveness. We’re always obliged to deliver.

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