Assessments and Audits 300x199 - Assessments and AuditsATC’s focus is on creating client value. We accomplish this by gaining a thorough understanding of your current state, so we can take you where you need to go… your future state. Our consultants average 17 years of industry experience. They are adept at sizing-up network infrastructure, exploring possibilities, and translating pain points and needs into solution requirements.

A comprehensive analysis of your existing telecommunications includes:

  • Comparison of your contracts against current market rates/terms
  • Review of your current network infrastructure
  • Identification of single points of failure
  • Diagnosis of root causes for problems and performance degradation
  • Analysis of areas that limit flexibility and scalability

With budgets and time frames incorporated, ATC’s telecom audit serves as an in-depth study to help evaluate near-term and future telecom decisions. It is our basis for customizing solution criteria.