Bandwidth constraints. Outdated phone systems. Lack of integration. The list goes on. Knowing it’s time to address your telecommunications and networking needs is one thing. Implementing the right solution for your company is quite another. Advanced Technology Consulting, Inc. (ATC) bridges this gap.

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ATC was founded in 1999 to provide outsourced telecommunications expertise. As a professional services firm, we consult businesses on comprehensive networking and telecom solutions to drive productivity and profitability. We create client value by:

  • Providing critical knowledge and resources – Our consultants are Certified Telecom Professionals (CTP) averaging 17 years of industry experience.
  • Mitigating risks – An investment is only sound if it aligns with your budget, meets business needs and furthers strategic objectives. We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, pain points and goals to develop solutions that will fit and deliver ROI.
  • Identifying opportunities – As telecom experts, our consultants are adept at conceptualizing paths to competitive differentiation through increased efficiency, flexibility and scalability.
  • Proposing optimal solutions – We keep pace with the evolving telecom market to focus your decision-makers only on those technologies, products, services, vendors, and carriers that are ideal for the company.
  • Leveraging strategic partnerships – Our network of over 100 best-in-class service providers enables us to operate as a vendor-neutral firm, in the best interest of our clients.
  • Renegotiating contracts – With decades of experience reviewing and renegotiating hundreds of contracts annually, we typically generate 15 to 20 percent savings for our clients.
  • Expediting change – We facilitate telecom advancement. Our phased approach to consulting follows best practices for planning, selecting and implementing telecom solutions. We maintain uncompromising standards for service and responsiveness, managing project details with precision to significantly reduce time-to-completion.

In today’s competitive market, the impact of inefficient telecommunications is harsh. Productivity is limited and you feel that drag on daily operations. Regardless of your project scope—from upgrading your phone system to installing data cabling to unifying enterprise communications—ATC can help.

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