The rise in cloud computing, bandwidth-intensive applications, and heavy media requires bigger pipes—larger, dedicated circuits providing more bandwidth and hence, more reliable connectivity.

As technology evolves, converges, and becomes more complex, businesses require niched IT and cloud expertise. This expertise helps you identify the right providers and solutions for growth.

Whether you need to operate the hottest in hosted PBX technology or need to capitalize on existing infrastructure, ATC can pinpoint the voice services to match your needs.

Cloud services are providing significant benefits to companies of all sizes, including cost efficiency and scalability. The cloud model aligns well with today’s on demand, pay-as-you-go market.



STRATEGIC COUNSEL, deep expertise

The IT-telecom convergence, driven by cloud technologies and connectivity-dependent businesses, has spawned a complex landscape of scaled services and outsourced solutions. While it can be sexy, navigating it can be difficult. As a result, ATC is an indispensable resource for organizations looking to build scalable infrastructures and growth platforms, while enabling a mobile workforce dependent upon collaboration.


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Your business is dependent on network services. If you’ve progressively added services over time, your wide area network (WAN) may be inefficient and vulnerable to outages and compromises in security. ATC can help design and procure the proper network services for stability, speed, security and growth.

  • Voice
  • Data
  • Converged voice and data
  • Solution matching
  • Network design
  • Network implementation

Our consulting experts help you determine your cloud requirements, providing an objective viewpoint on your current network. They will produce perspective on the opportunities and risks, as well as strengths and weaknesses, relating to your data center and IT infrastructure. After identifying the services that are appropriate and applicable, they will help you specify the proper provider and data center to fit your needs and budget.

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Right mix of services
  • Contract negotiation
  • Optimal deployment model

A comprehensive analysis of your existing telecommunications services. With budgets and time frames incorporated, ATC’s telecom audits serve as an in-depth study to help evaluate near-term and future telecom decisions.

  • Current infrastructure
  • Contract analysis
  • Network utilization
  • Network vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of limitations
  • Opportunities for improvement

With decades of experience reviewing and negotiating hundreds of contracts annually, ATC delivers the best possible rates, conditions and contract clauses available in the marketplace.

  • Thorough review of all details
  • Rate comparisons
  • Evaluate new technologies
  • Service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Co-terminus contract end dates
  • Terms and conditons that are not one-sided



    • “We needed someone with telecom-specific expertise. Someone that could see the big picture, that could look at all facets of our business and the corresponding communication needs. ATC has been able to provide us with cost-effective, growth-oriented solutions.”


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      Kristin Kane
      LAZ Parking, Director of Procurement
    • “Many of the larger telecom providers are very old companies and not as agile as we would prefer. We needed a single provider that would help us design a global network that is very agile to meet our rapidly changing business demands.”


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      Doug Salah
      Wabtec, Manager of Information Security and Networking
    • “We needed to get a handle on everything. When we reviewed the detail within ATC’s proposal it was clear their diligent, attentive approach would yield the best return.”

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      Bob Manning
      Lykins, Executive Vice President
    • “As a partner, ATC provides real, practical solutions to telecom problems facing companies. I appreciate the thoroughness
      and detail used in their analysis.”
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      Tom Pappas
      Sheakley, CFO
    • “From the beginning I was impressed with ATC’s attention to detail, specifically for the proposed audit. As our relationship has developed, the unending value has been the ongoing support and problem solving capabilities Nick (Enger) and ATC provide. If I have a question or issue, I know whom to call.”

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      Jennifer Vickers
      Prasco, Executive Assistant to the CFO
    • “ATC thoroughly understands the enterprise UCaaS market. ATC did a great job of aligning our needs with the providers we needed to consider.”

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      Jeff Mazzabufi
      Hubbell Inc., Telecommunications Manager
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